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What is Cowork space?

Office team strategizing

Definition - In the simplest sense, coworking space is an environment that's designed to accommodate people from different companies who come to do work. Coworking space is characterized by shared facilities, services and tools. Which makes a cowork space a community center, collaboration hub, and social space where workers from different backgrounds can come together to share expertise and explore new ideas.

Your new home office.... Only much better

Working from home has (had) advantages but as you have seen, there are also advantages to working from an office setting. Making friends, the ol' water-cooler conversations, and collaborating with the team.

How about the obvious, just having other humans around and you get to choose weather you socialize or not. But its much easier to bounce ideas off of someone if someone IS around to do so.

Brew Chamber Setup:    *More Info here

Person working at computer

13 private offices between two suites - - located on the 1st and 2nd floors

  1 Designated desk suite - - 5 designated desks total - (An open room concept)

  1 Team Group room

  1 Large conference room

  1 Small conference room 

  2 Kitchens - one in each suite

     Lots of parking spaces for you and your fellow employees or 


Pricing and Changes made:


Month to Month -  Our rates vary from $240.00 - $775.00 per month. 

Yearly Lease - We reduce our monthly rate by $25.00/month on average. $230.00 to $750.00

The large conference room is available to be rented out for $75.00/ hour or for $525 for the day.

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Private Office

gif of a sit/ stand desk

Designated Desk

gif of conference room

Meeting Room




High-speed WiFi

A Keurig coffee machine with a selection of coffees and teas are supplied. Water is also supplied and kept in the fridge for a quick cool drink.

Wireless WiFi throughout the suite for easy access to the internet. If a hard line is needed we can brew that up too.

Community App

All members receive access to the Brew Chamber app once the lease is signed. Each member can see as much info about you as you set. Through this app one can pay the rent or reserve the conference room. It also has a lot of answers to your questions.

jpg of a conference room

Conference Rooms

2 conference rooms are available for use. The small room is free and on a first come, first serve basis. The large room is $75.00/ hour. But all members receive a $20.00 credit per month for that month.

Conference rooms

Large conference room


Picture of the small conference room

Contact Us


250 S Executive Dr, 

Brookfield, WI 53005




Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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