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Brew Chamber - our existential birth. (A Coworking Office)

Brew Chamber grew out of the need to fill empty office space and to fill the void of nice and amenity filled office space for individuals, employers, and for new businesses that are looking for a single office to a whole floor in an office building to grow their business and sales. Brew Chamber is the heart and soul of our single office or designated desk coworking space. Whereas the building we are located in (250 Executive Building) has space for the larger company looking for space also.

Brew Chambers logo
Brew Chamber

The first thing mentioned by all of our guests and members is that the offices are very easy to find and are well marked. Which was mentioned why they opted to lease space from Brew Chamber. Secondly, they love all the amenities offered and are very appreciative of all the choices in drinks and coffee choices also. Finally they love the access to the small conference room being offered free and first come, first serve.

Brew Chamber has its own app that once a person becomes a member they will receive an invite to join. In this app we answer questions that are the ones others have asked over time. Our app also gives you the opportunity to reach out to other members.

In planning our initial birth we have a nice size space we can wall off and go from a designated desk area to another Group or Team room that can hold 5 to 7 individuals. And if the office is available at the moment we can add a private office into the grand scheme. Brew Chamber is very willing to try and help you fit in the space desired.

Contact us now at 262-264-5133 or email us at to see our offices and so you can pick the best one that fits your needs. Thanks for your time in reading our blog. Take care and have a great day moving forward.

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Mar 02

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