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The post covid and government screw up of shutting the country down.

If you are an employer in the 2024's you see how hard it is to receive applications to fill jobs. There are less people applying for jobs and the ones that are either leaving another job and are constantly looking to challenge the come back to the office that is needed or possibly the other is not quite qualified for the job. Where are we going to go moving forward as a country as almost everything that exists is royally backwards thinking currently.

First, I will say the backwards thinking is letting all the illegals into the country offsetting any type of balance we had. (No I am not going to go political in this blog, just pointing it out.) Letting criminals out of jail or never put them in, in the first place. Or having stronger and more dominate males play down by playing on women's teams. Why are we continuing to go down this road but this is where I move on.

As for the employees that do want to work and are willing to come in - THANK YOU! You are helping the businesses you work for stay open and help the economy keep moving in the right direction. We need more of you. As an individual I would love to see the United States get back to more people going back to the office as this would help a whole lot of small business owners that own their own buildings stay afloat. Although we do need the owners of the businesses that rent to also ask for their employees to come back to work also. It doesn't necessarily mean 5 days a week but a 3 to 4 day week in the office would be a great start.

With so many office buildings being empty and not easily converted to living quarters just by the cost alone or how the building was built for heating and air conditioning. Then add up say at minimum 50% of the office buildings could be totally emptied as companies are able to take a smaller space for a 3-4 day work week. Who is going to support that bust in the economy? If we can not allow others to fall because they are to big, so is the office industry! Or at least all the lives it has supported.

Finally, I would like to talk to all the hiring managers out there. What happened to giving chances to those that graduated with a degree and may not have the experience. They are applying and wanting to receive that experience so they too can become better people. I don't hear of companies offering internships as much. I don't hear or see companies hiring young workers (even at a lower salary) to give them a chance. I know of a handful of graduates from 2018 through 2021 that just are not getting any breaks in the workforce.

How about starting these young people out as low salary interns that can grow their knowledge and have it based on a known time frame (say 6 months) and pick 1-2 or how many you were looking for the ultimate lift and the others at minimum learned the practicality of the job and maybe even learned its not for them. If they are applying and trying they need that boost of hope from somewhere.

Let us work in our own backyards and start making a difference where we can with those that want to learn. In the pre interview ask them to bring in proof of applications sent. If they show they're working hard at getting a job, help them out. If you are unable, reach out to the competition and see if they can help that individual. Let us help those needing a leg up.

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